The marquis®supergrip is available in six sizes.  Generally, only the measurement for the width of the hoof is required to determine the size.marquis-hoofboot-six-sizes

In cases where the hooves are wider than they are long, the smaller size than the width may indicate may provide a better fit.  This seems to be due to the hoof molding the boot and the boot adapting to the shape of the hoof.  The front flap and the air chamber maintain a snug fit. 




For example, a thoroughbred with hooves 12.2cm long x 13.3cm wide (left front) and 12.8cm long x 13.5cm wide (right front), fits into Size 2 marquis®supergrip hoofboots.  In that instance it is important to trim the hooves in shorter intervals.

How to determine the size


Measurements should be taken within a week of a barefoot trim.

Width of the hoof: measure the hoof from below at its widest spot as per picture above. The widest spot is generally about a thumb width below the apex of the frog.

Length of the hoof: measure from where the heel makes contact with the ground (not from the tip of the heel bulb) to the toe (front of the hoof). That is the weight bearing surface of the hoof. Measure the length along the centre line of the hoof.

Where in the trim cycle you have been at when measuring the hoof, and the horses breed, all help to better determine the hoofboot size.  To increase the likelihood that you are receiving the right hoofboot size, we suggest you send this information in with your order.  Better still, please take photographs of each of your horse’s hooves while measuring the length and width, with the tape measure as shown in the picture.

Lots of possibilities for adjustment

The marquis®supergrip hoofboot does accommodate some hoof growth.  The hoofboot can be adjusted in many ways which also means that it fits the vast majority of shapes and sizes: For example, the pressure of the air chamber can be varied, pads and shims can be added under the hoof, and between hoof and front flap of the hoofboot, gaiters or socks can be worn, and the cable can be adjusted in many ways, or a cable 1-3 sizes larger than the hoofboot can be used where required, as for example for very steep hooves and club feet.

For special needs, the relevant parts of the hoofboot can also be modified by the Firma Marquis, please get in touch and we can discuss what is required.

Fitting and demonstration sessions

We are based in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia.  Within a radius of 90 mins drive from Romsey, Victoria, we can arrange a fitting and demonstration session for small  or large groups, please get in touch.


Updated 22.10.2018


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