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marquis®supergrip  $380  (pair)

including mini marquis air pump and postage (within Australia) 


The Marquis Hoofboot has been developed by a veterinarian specialising in hoof care. The hoofboots can be tested and there is a 6 month warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

The new models come with transparent air chambers as a standard fitting. Only some pairs with black air chambers in sizes 0, 1 and 4 are left over.

Sizes 0-5

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Here is some more advice about how to determine the size, in particular also for hooves that are wider than they are long.

marquis®supergrip  with coloured air chambers $410 (pair)

including mini marquis air pump and postage (within Australia)


Your choice of colour for the air chambers of the marquis®supergrip hoofboot! 

We have a pair size 2 with magenta air chambers in stock. Other colours and sizes are special orders from Germany, please allow for 28 days delivery time.

Standard colours currently are: Red, light blue, yellow, orange, apple green. The material of the coloured air chambers is firmer than the transparent ones. We also manufacture custom colours, please ask.

Single marquis®supergrip  $175 

with standard transparent air chamber, including postage (within Australia)


NOTE: There is a left and a right boot, with the valve and the clip pointing to the outside.

Pads  $30 (pair) (5mm thick)


Thicker pads (insoles) are recommended for:

  • sensitive soles
  • low heels
  • when the horse is transitioning from shod to barefoot
  • or when there is wiggle room to achieve a closer fit

Marquis Gaiters $45.00  (pair)


The marquis gaiters are made from soft neoprene with Velcro fastening at the front. They can be mounted together with the air chamber using the same Chicago Screws for both. The marquis gaiters provide additional cushioning and protection for the sensitive pastern and heel bulbs. An additional tongue piece is provided that can be placed between the Velcro if needed, to secure the position, and to provide extra cushioning between front flap of shell and hoof wall.

Suited in particular for show jumpers, eventers and trail riders, or generally for horses with sensitive pastern and heel bulbs.

Available in black, light blue, pink and neon green. 

NOTE: Limited numbers in stock. Allow for 28 days delivery time.

Sole  $35.00  (each)


The composition of the synthetic material for the sole has been developed to resemble the gliding and stopping qualities of the bare hoof. The sole is hard-wearing and long lasting. It provides grip on all kinds of surfaces, be it wet asphalt or dry grass. For extreme conditions, studs can be fitted easily.

NOTE: Please check whether you also need 6 bolts and/or 6 nuts for each sole. For sizes 0 and 1, we recommend our synthetic screws for easier changing of the sole.  There are also two different kinds of bolts, those for sizes 0-1, and those for sizes 2-5.

Studs  $5.50  (each)


For better grip on challenging surfaces, up to 6 studs can be fitted to each hoofboot. Sometimes 2 studs per boot are sufficient.  Simply unscrew the screws from the soles, and replace these screws with studs. Made from hardened steel.

Road Nails  $5.50  (each)

Can be fitted for use on hard surfaces (e.g. bitumen). Road Nails reduce wear and tear of the sole when the horse is walking on hard surfaces for longer periods of time. Road Nails can also be used if the soles are worn off more in certain areas, for example on one side or in the toe area. The road nails are inserted from the outside, and then screwed in from the inside (notice the grove in the road nail’s end).

Air Chamber, standard transparent  $45.00  (single)


By inflating the air chamber as needed, the fit of the hoofboot is optimised – a patented, unique system. The air chamber allows for unhindered heel and bulb movement. It compensates for differences in hoof length and gives a comfortable, cradling fit. When fully inflated, it should feel like a ripe, firm (but not hard) plum.

The new standard air chambers are transparent as in this pix.

NOTE: Each air chamber includes 4 rivets, valve and valve cap.

Air Chamber, grey soft  $55.00  (single)


The grey air chambers are of soft material. They are for horses who are more sensitive in the heel area. 

Air Chamber, various colours  $65.00  (single)


Standard colours currently available are red, light blue, yellow, orange, apple green.

We also manufacture special-request colours, please ask.

Mini Marquis Air Pump  $40.00


The mini air pump is screwed onto the valve. It can be screwed on before you put the boot on the hoof, or after. No drama if the horse moves. The mini air pump is of very high quality. It is 9.8cm long and fits into the pocket of your pants.

Valve Cap  $1.50


To protect the valve.

Rivets  $0.70  (each)


The rivets are used to attach the air chamber to the hoofboot. The rivets are simply pressed through the holes (not screwed). When it is colder, the hoofboot can be warmed up in hot water. This softens the material and so the rivets can be pressed through the holes more easily.

Shell  $75.00  (single)Shell  $130.00  (pair)


In case your hoofboot shell is worn, which can take years before it happens with moderate use, or in case of unexpected damage, you can replace it easily yourself.

NOTE: There is a left and a right shell.

Cable  $11.00


The cable is used to close the hoofboots from side to side around the front flap. The cable can be adjusted for variations in length required depending on the shape of the hoof. Sometimes, when the hooves are very steep, or when the horse has a high heel, the cable needs to be 1 or 2 sizes larger than the hoofboot size. A larger cable also needs to be fitted for a club foot, sometimes even 3 sizes larger. The cables are available in sizes 0-6.

Mueller Athletic Tape  $7.00

3.8cm x 9.1m per roll, black


For better grip. This tape is adhesive on one side to stick to the hoof. It is taped across the hoof for better grip of the hoofboot. A couple of strips may be enough. This can be useful when the conditions are very dry and the hoof is very hard and smooth which in some instances may cause the hoofboot to turn. The tape will give the hoof more grip so the hoofboot stays on straight. It may also be helpful for more vigorous use such as jumping or galloping.

Please place your order via email or phone.

You can pay via direct deposit or Paypal.

For payments from New Zealand, you may like to consider a remittance provider such as TransferWise or other for very low fees and better currency conversion rates.  Payment via PayPal is also possible but attracts additional cost of $25. 

Deposits via direct international transfer cannot be accepted any longer due to exorbitant bank charges.

More details regarding payments and ordering, hoofboot testing and warranty,  please check our our pages Orders and Terms and Conditions.

Please check the prices when you come back to order at another time  –

prices are subject to change without notice.


Updated 30.07.2020

Update: The German postal service DHL sends parcels again from Germany to Australia but charge an “international crisis surcharge” of Euro 3.60 per kg….


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