Please contact us with inquires or orders via email or phone.

Upon ordering, we will email you an invoice. Payments can be made via direct deposit or PayPal.

The invoice includes all required banking details.

For payment via PayPal, we will email you the invoice and a PayPal payment request. You will need to set up a PayPal account, or login to your existing one.

International Orders

For international orders, there are two payment methods: You may like to consider a remittance provider such as TransferWise for very low fees and better currency conversion rates.

Payment via PayPal is also possible but attracts additional cost of $25.

Deposits via direct international transfer cannot be accepted any longer due to exorbitant bank charges.

Information We Need For Your Order

When ordering, please email us the measurements for each hoof to be booted as sizes can vary.  In particular if you are new to fitting hoofboots, include the following details:

  • width measured where hoof is widest
  • length of the hoof (weight bearing surface)
  • photographs taken for each hoof while you are measuring the hoof, showing the ruler and hoof sole, holding the camera parallel to the sole (avoiding any shade or distortion)
  • photographs taken from the front of the hoof, and the side (taken as low to the ground as possible)
  • where in the trim cycle you have been at when measuring the hoof, ideally within 10 days of a trim
  • horse’s breed

See the SIZING page  for more detail and images.


Orders generally get posted within 1-3 days.

For parcels within Australia:

The regular postage for the marquis®supergrip hoofboots are currently included for orders within Australia.

Smaller items that can be sent as a letter, weighing up to 500g, are $1.10-$6.00 by Standard Post, and $12.00 by Express Post.

For items other than hoofboots, and sent as a parcel, there is a flat rate of $14 posted by Express Post. 

For parcels to New Zealand, via Australia Post Parcel Service:
Standard ( normally 5 business days between major metro areas): $30.00
Express (normally 2 business days between major metro areas): $50.00

For smaller items that can be posted by letter, postage cost are in the range of $5.00-$15.00.

(Note these are Australian Dollars.)

6 Month Warranty

There is a 6 month warranty against defects in material and workmanship. If you believe there are any such defects, please get in touch so we can work out what is happening. In case of defects in material or workmanship, we will ask you to post the item(s) back to us and we will replace them free of charge. For more details regarding warranty claims, check out our Terms & Conditions page.


Pre-orders are taken any time.  For pre-orders, a 50% deposit is required, and the balance is due once the hoofboots have arrived ready for dispatch to you.  Parcel delivery from Germany can take from 9 days to 6 weeks – travel time is generally less than two weeks, but then the parcel can sit at customs for an unspecified time.  Once the hoofboots have arrived here, they will be posted to you within 1-3 days upon receipt of final payment.

Hoofboot Testing

We have some pairs available for testing for two weeks, which we can sent out to you for a deposit of 50% of the cost of a new pair.  The deposit will be refunded to you, once the boots have been returned to us. Or, if you decide to go ahead with the purchase of a new pair, this refund amount will be counted toward the total cost of your purchase order.

If you are in the Macedon Ranges area of Victoria, we can also arrange for a fitting session.



Updated 03.04.2020


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