Distribution and service for marquis®supergrip hoofboot in Australia and New Zealand:

Marquis Hoofboot Australia
Dr Iris Bergmann, ABN 12 634 992 154
Distribution and direct sales in Australia and New Zealand
Partner of Marquis Tiermedizintechnik GmbH, Germany
T:  +61 (0)401 235 002

Please get in touch with any feedback and queries.  We can also arrange a fitting and demonstration session in the Macedon Ranges area, Victoria, Australia.

Marquis Hoofboots are on display at:

Blooming Produce
51 Main St, Romsey VIC 3434
T: 0408 122 731



Marquis Tiermedizintechnik GmbH
Krummer Weg 3
D – 89555 Steinheim
T: +49 (0)7329 920280

List of resellers in Germany

List of resellers in Europe other than Germany

For sales in Canada and the US:  Stride Equus


Tosca and Peg, happy thoroughbred reviewers of marquis®supergrip hoofboots under Australian conditions :-)


Updated 12.10.2018

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