The marquis®supergrip is a hoofboot of highest quality and has been on the market successfully since 1999.  This hoofboot is suited for most equestrian activities including dressage, jumping, eventing, racehorse training, trail riding and driving in all conditions;  for training, rehabilitation, for horses having a break from shoeing, and for competition (provided the rules are favourable).  It is designed to fit both, front and hind feet.

The hoofboot comes in 6 sizes. It can be adapted in many ways for nearly all hoof shapes, including very steep hooves, and it can be adjusted for some therapy purposes. Often, only little adjustments need to be made for the hoofboot to adapt to the shape of the individual hoof, providing a snug and comfortable fit.

Marquis Hoofboot Australia

The marquis®supergrip is easy to use, it is comfortable for the horse to wear, and it has a slick design that makes it an attractive option for the competition ground.

It comes with 6 months warranty against defects in material and workmanship.



  • Whether you are looking for an alternative to traditional shoeing and want to enjoy all the benefits of keeping your horse barefoot;
  • perhaps you have to deal with unfavourable surface conditions;
  • your horse might need rehabilitation after illness;
  • or you just want to give your horse a break from shoeing …

… the marquis®supergrip provides all around protection for your horse’s hooves.



Developed based on veterinarian research


This hoofboot is the result of doctoral research undertaken by Dr Helmut Marquis while he trained as a veterinarian.  His research led to the design of a hoofboot that imitates the natural characteristics of the horse’s hooves.  The marquis®supergrip provides

  • the gripping, gliding and stopping qualities of the natural hoof
  • it mimics the natural breakover of the hoof so that there is no increase of stress on the ligaments

The patented air chamber system

The patented air chamber system is one of the most intriguing features of this hoofboot. The air chamber cradles the foot around the heel.  It allows to easily adjust the boot to the shape of the hoof and it evens out differences in hoof length for a firm fit.  Importantly, the air chamber system allows for free movement of the hoof and heel bulb.  A small air pump has been designed by Marquis to inflate the air chamber – it is fun to use and easily fits into the pocket of your pants.

A unique modular system


The Marquis is designed as a modular system: Everything can be replaced and so the hoofboot needs to be purchased only once.  Some have had their for 15 years and are still going. With all parts being  replaceable or repairable, this hoofboot is a very economical option. It has therefore also shown to maintain its value. Most if not all replacements and repairs can be done at home. We are also happy to assist if needed.

Shock absorbing qualities

This hoofboot protects the horse’s legs through its shock absorbing qualities. This is of general importance, but in particular relevant for the many horses ridden on harder (and abrasive) surfaces, which includes many if not most of our sand arenas.  For extra grip and traction on slippery surfaces – such as very dry or wet grass – studs can be fitted.

Healthier hooves

Wearing the marquis®supergrip is healthier for the hooves than wearing metal shoes because it provides:

  • all around protection for the hoof
  • reduced concussion
  • no nail holes (less infections, less breaking of hoof walls)
  • massage of the frog which stimulates blood and lymph circulation
  • the unique air chamber system allowing for unhindered heel and bulb movement
  • natural breakover reducing stress on the ligaments
  • the material of the sole provides the natural grip of the hoof
  • the hooves can be trimmed or else cared for as required any time not only when the metal shoes are taken off
  • no injuries due to protruding or squeezing metal shoes

Supporting the overall well-being of the horse

The hoofboot supports the barefoot horse and is only worn when needed.  At all other times, the horse enjoys being barefoot to protect the natural functions of the hoof such as:

  • Concussion absorption
  • Free blood and lymph circulation
  • The biomechanics not only of moving but also of standing, for example for a healthy standing position during sleep
  • The natural self-protective characteristics of the hoof

Maintaining these natural functions of the hoof is essential for the overall health and well-being of the horse. The marquis®supergrip is there to give extra support if needed, and to provide your horse with additional life quality.


The developer of the Marquis®Supergrip Hoofboot


Dr. Helmut Marquis is practicing equine veterinarian in Germany.  He specialises in orthopaedics, podiotherapy, lameness, hoof diseases, dentistry, castrations and emergencies such as colic, injuries and foalings.  Apart from the marquis®supergrip hoofboot, he has developed computer cinematography, the marquis®CKG, for the early diagnosis of lameness and gait analysis.





Production, use and sustainability

Based on its longevity through high quality material use and design and reparability, resource use is being minimised.  Manufacturing is undertaken in Germany and Austria under European environmental and health regulations.

Service and support in Australia and NZ

The marquis®supergrip is sold worldwide with distributors and resellers based in many European countries, in North America, and since 2015, Marquis Hoofboot Australia is distributing the marquis®supergrip in Australia and New Zealand. We provide service and advise, and are happy to come around for a fitting and demonstration session in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria.

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