The Parts that make up the Whole

This video gives a good idea of how the parts fit together to make up the marquis supergrip hoofboot. The air chamber and the flexible front flap are the main means to fit the boot to different hoof shapes.  You can also see that you only need one hand to inflate the air chamber with the mini marquis air pump.  We generally have all spare parts including screws and nuts available here in Australia should you need any.


  1. The clip is fastened using two Chicago screws and inserts.
  2. The cable is placed between or outside the half moons on the one side, and fastened with the clip on the other.
  3. The sole is placed first into the heel side, then the front, then pressed into the boot shell and fastened with six special screws.
  4. Rivets are pressed into the respective holes from the inside through the air chamber and boot shell to fasten the air chamber.
  5. The valve is placed from the outside into the largest hole, on the same side as the clip, and fixed with a washer and special nut.
  6. You only need one hand to inflate the air chamber using the mini marquis air pump.
  7. Air can be released by turning the valve cap and pressing it lightly into the valve, or by using your fingernails.


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