The marquis®supergrip – for both the front and hind hooves

The marquis®supergrip hoofboot fits both the front and hind hooves. The sole of the hind hoof is often more oval (rather than round), and longer than it is wide. Also the angle between the toe and the ground differs between the front and hind hooves. The front  hoof can be wider than it is long, as for example often is the case with the thoroughbred in Australia.

This hoofboot adapts to most hoof shapes. The two main features that make this possible are the front flap and the air chambers. The front flap adapts to the toe angle. It is attached flexibly to the shell at the toe, and it is held with an adjustable cable from side to side – the steeper the toe, the longer the cable needs to be. The air chamber cradles the hoof around the heel area. It is inflated as required, ideally like a ripe plum, but can be more or less. Sometimes, in case of an already firm fit, no inflation is necessary.


The images above show a left front hoof (image on the left) and a left hind hoof (on the right) of a thoroughbred. His front hooves are wider than they are long, the hind hooves are  longer than they are wide.  In the case of the front hoof, the air chamber cradles the heel bulbs.  In the case of the hind hoof, the air chamber leans against the pastern.  Both is fine – it looks a little different for every horse. This horse jumps with the marquis hoofboots on both the front and hind feet, and it works brilliantly.


Above is the marquis hoofboot on a clubfoot. There are many ways that the hoofboot can be further adjusted or altered to fit all sorts of hoof shapes.

Below is a video showing horses jumping and in cross country with the marquis hoofboot worn on both front and hind hooves.


Updated 21.6.2017