Colour to the marquis hoofboots

Your choice of colour for the air chambers of the marquis®supergrip hoofboot! We also manufacture special-request colours, please ask.

The air chamber cradles the foot around the heel.  It has several functions:

  • to adjust the boot to the shape of the hoof
  • to even out differences in hoof length for a snug fit
  • to allow for free movement of hoof and heel bulb
  • to cushion the rim of the shell of the hoofboot

The air chambers are inflated with a small air pump (

By default, the hoofboots come with the black air chambers – a happy medium between the very soft grey and white air chambers, and the coloured ones which are more robust and firm in material, and have a dual air chamber system.

When the horse has very sensitive pink skin around the feet, however, we recommend the softer grey or white air chambers. Alternatively, you could use socks or our cuffs to soften the touch of the coloured ones.

Softer grey air chambers without and with flank protection. On the far right, the very soft white air chamber.

For jumping, eventing or if the horse’s feet are brushing, the air chambers can be supported with bell boots, or fitted with flank protectors.

Top row: Air chambers without (left) and with (right flank protection). Second row: A hoofboot with air chamber without (left) and with flank protection (right).

Hoofboots come and go. The marquis®supergrip has been around since 1999.

There is a six month warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Updated 7.4.2017