New Delivery has arrived!

Marquis Hoofboot with woman's dance shoe and rose
“We went Tango dancing yesterday, the Social Tango kind where it’s all about improvisation. My lateral footwork was magic, she says.”

Our delivery of marquis hoofboots has arrived today – Sizes 0, 1 and 3!
Sizes 2, 4 and 5 are still in transit.

All are equipped with a flank protector for the air chamber and two chicago screws replacing two rivets in the back for fastening the air chamber. This is for harder use like gallops on the beach to train the racehorse, or for jumping and eventing.

If you prefer the hoofboot without flank protector, and the standard robust plastic rivets (which are sufficient for less extreme use) instead of chicago screws, please let us know and we will swap these items back to the previous standard fitting at no extra cost.

Below is an image of the Marquis with and without flank protector. The flank protector is also recommended in case of the horse’s feet brushing. (Or you can use bell boots instead.)

You can also see the type of rivets fastening the air chamber just above the clip, left of the valve. There are four such rivets and the two in the back are replaced with chicago screws for the current delivery.


marquis®supergrip hoofboot without (left) and with (right) flank protector fitted to the air chamber


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